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TIRA is an Amsterdam based retail academy servicing UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Middle East retailers

Why choose to partner with us?

TIRA is built on passion, experience and a relentless commitment to bettering the retail industry; for teams and customers.

You see, retail gave our founder Kayleigh a springboard out of economical uncertainty. Growing up on a council estate, not having money was lifes' biggest teacher. As soon as she could earn, she did. 

Retail has given us so much and now we give back in bucket loads - by serving you and your brand mission.

Consumers want to be inspired by your people to connect with your product/brand!

The International Retail Academy is the only Company that specialises in helping individuals learn, grow and succeed in the Retail Sector.

We coach retail teams; helping them to overcome limiting beliefs such as low confidence so they can become their best self and contribute in massive ways to your business.

We embrace individual growth and encourage collaborative capabilities.

Competence and confidence are critical pieces of the puzzle that transform a good team into becoming great!

You may be thinking, well duh, I know this!

Let's look at the reality of customer service today.

How many times on a typical shopping trip are you truly inspired by the experience?

If you visited 10 stores at your local mall, I bet the SAME one or two brands met or exceeded your expectations.

You left feeling delighted and happy.

The others? Bland, forgettable, uninspiring - possibly the next brand to slowly disappear off the high-street...

Our consulting and retail coaching services get your people thinking deeper about their impact and influence, we unblock fears around selling and we inspire your teams through energetic, educational and motivational sessions that unleash talent and get your people thinking more holistically about their actions and impact.

One of our signature workshops that was huge hit with GAP is the Personal Branding Workshop, which was delivered to +200 Store Managers. All workshops are entirely crafted in accordance to your needs - nothing we create is every copy/paste so you can assured of precise, targeted training.

All workshop can be delivered face-to-face or virtually, paced at your team needs.

At the bottom of this page you can find the GAP testimonial.

Client Connection = Conversion!

Conversion of footfall into more sales and strengthening the lifetime value of your customer.


Everyone knows that people buy from people - and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve NOT purchased because the service and experience was poor at best.


Consumers have a choice there and then, to buy in your store or, go online and perhaps get distracted by a competitor.


This doesn’t need to be the story for your brand.

We coach your leaders and teams to think and act with clear intention.


Ultimately, you get to enjoy more sales going through the tills, more conversion, more enjoyment and confidence throughout the workforce, leading to happier, retained talent.

Meet some of our clients...

IMG_3782 (1).jpg

Create an Awesome Team EXPERIENCE!

Check out our Workshops and see how we can help you build your focused, energised team!

Our aim is simple

To inspire retailers to bring immersive, world class experiences to the consumer

How many great people did your retail business lose last quarter? 

If labour turnover is high double-digits, there is an issue.

How can your brand gain more traction and deepen relationships with customers if your store is stuck in a turmoil of hiring/training? It can't!

The potential is never actualised, and how much is that costing you every year?

 Losing a core team member can have a catastrophic effect on your retail store.

Other key team members will soon leave and you are back to square 1 with forming a whole new store team.​


We firmly believe that all retail potential is in the hands of your retail teams - the people connecting with your customers. 

As leaders, it is important to recognise, appreciate and value each team member as often as possible.

Now, you may not have the time or capacity to continually be touching base with everyone, which is why we offer an intensive retail coaching service specifically bridging this gap.

By bringing our services to your stores or corporate office provides an inspiring, engaging and immediate impact to each team member. 

Kayleigh and her team will work shoulder to shoulder with your retail team to coach, guide and support in continued habits of success building. 

When coaching teams at New Balance we worked on daily briefings, greeting zone impact, on the spot coaching from Managers to team, celebrating success, overcoming difficult customer issues and designing weekend technical trainings.

Daily in-person retail coaching is perfect for teams stuck in a rut or brand new teams looking to form excellent operations - customer habits.

 Having full retail experience and a deep understanding of people, Kayleigh is able to quickly identify the core root to any issue and start to unwind this.


Importantly, Kayleigh can break down any barriers regarding team performance, construct effective feedback, break down any fears of selling, work on confidence crushers that are restricting growth and unlock more skills that are stopping your team from achieving greatness.

Happy Shopper from Retail Training Company

The only International Retail Recruitment & Training Academy.

Your Retail teams have huge amounts of influence and power over every consumer that walks into your store.

Retail teams literally hold the keys to
unlocking more sales through delivering outstanding customer experience!



Retail store teams who care deeply about their work will convert more clients.

The retail workers who are simply plodding along are actually costing you money. You know this!

Which one appeals more?

By employing, nurturing and continually developing a high-performing retail team you will enjoy more sales, better retention and healthier profits!

Retail coaching is perfect for any team.

Do you say yes to any of these:


  • Had a recent change in Management

  • Opened new location(s)

  • Planning scaled expansion

  • New to physical retail

  • Labour turnover continually high

  • Business results are mediocre 

  • NPS or Mystery Shopping is inconsistent

  • Large sites need deeper support

  • New to OMNI tooling in-stores

Coaching is delivered live in-store AND virtually, depending on your needs.


Kayleigh and her team work from the ground up, firstly discovering the retail landscape and uncovering the reality of what your teams are facing - this is important because if you desire to see a change that lasts, then your people must be a part of that process - right from the beginning.

Empowering retail teams is our language!

Forming new working habits takes time, building high performing teams and creating mindset shifts, competency building to ultimately enjoy breakthroughs in business results.

If you are serious about overcoming existing pain-points and supporting your workforce in taking retail results to the next level, hit the contact form and let's get started!

Daily retail coaching in UK & Europe is charged at £680per day exc VAT - this can be discussed and booked through the contact page.

Alternatively we can provide a project fee depending on your brief.

Create an exciting environment for your teams and customers!

SKYROCKET above your competitors with our
team building workshops - the most impactful investment you'll ever make with your people.


Want to land your dream role?

Whether you're brand new to retail or a well experienced business manager who wants to secure a promotion, we can help you nail your approach with our career service & coaching. Book your service today!

We understand how important it is that Retail teams get the most recent and relevant training so that they can create an exciting environment for each other and your customers.

Retailers who actively and intentionally change the course of their trajectory through our coaching, workshops and training will be the ones who enjoy success and growth for years to come.


Happier teams = better business!


We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We need to burn it, take that ash, apply pressure and create diamonds of the future!

We are so passionate about inspiring your retail teams that we guarantee an immediate uplift in team energy, confidence and competence to create communities inside of your physical locations.

Why does this matter so much?

Look, let's be honest, most retail teams today get away with hiding behind a big logo. The product sells itself.

Budgets have been met, happy days...right?!

Well, maybe once upon a time in fairytale land that would have been enough.

Did you know that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials? (Born between 1980-1995).

Millennials care deeply about working with brands who make a positive difference to the planet and society. No doubt you are doing hard work around benefits and flexible working.

It seems this workforce has more demands than ever before. Which is simply a sign of human evolution. It is not their fault that they have so many options.

Partnering with us will ensure your retail leaders and teams are ready for that future, today. 

We are Millennials and some Gen-Z, we speak the language of your teams and we work with integrity and great care in amplifying your message.


Our retail training academy offers team training either in-house or virtually which will be tailored to your company to ensure that your learning outcomes are achieved.


We are the catalyst of positive change in this industry and will treat your business as if it were our own.

Working in true partnership to take your retail teams to that next level and future-proof your longevity on the high-street.

Our retail training academy also offers wider services around personal brand development and we have helped companies to understand and leverage the power of client reach through building personal brands on LinkedIn (you can find more about that on our Sales Coaching page).

LinkedIn and Instagram are great places where each of your employees are 'hanging out' and also, where your customers are too! Everyday, we consume around a mile of scrolling content. Let that sink in!

How awesome would it be if your people, by the hundreds and the thousands are creating content around your brand. 

An employee with a strong personal brand has 10x the reach of a business!

Look at the brands who have exploded into rapid growth; they leverage and encourage personal branding. Which, is born out of trust and encouragement from their employers.


Creating an exciting and immersive retail environment must be at the top of your agenda in 2023 and beyond.

You spend time and money recruiting the best people, now you want to develop and coach those team members to further grow your business. The cost of not investing in your people far outweigh a partnership with us.

Retail turnover from corporate offices to stores are abnormally high - we put this down to 2 things.

Unfocused or poor leadership and lack of succession opportunities.


TIRA's approach is uplifting, encouraging and positive.

We can give you the ideas and strategies to develop your people - who grow the business.

We facilitate awesome experiences for learning to ensure maximum uptake.

 Excitement breeds energy, and energy multiplies, resulting in more client interaction, better conversations and more sales.

Huma Values Foundation

Here at the International Retail Academy, we understand and value that emotional skills start young and we feel a complete alignment with the great work HVF are doing with young children in schools.

We have partnered with Human Values Foundation and we donate 5% of each service to the Foundation.


Thank you.

5% of all sales will go to Human Values Foundation

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