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The only International Retail Training Development Academy.

Becoming one strong team is the foundation for exceptional business results!

We take good teams and make them outstanding!

The International Retail Academy is the only Company that specialises in helping individuals learn, grow and succeed in the Retail Sector.

We embrace individual growth and encourage collaborative capabilities.

Master your mindset, master your life!

Our workshops and retail coaching services get your people thinking deeper about their impact and influence, we unblock fears around selling and we inspire your teams through energetic and motivational sessions that unleash talent.

Connection = Conversion! Conversion of footfall into sales.

More sales, more conversion, more enjoyment and confidence in doing so!

Our aim is simple:

To grow businesses through retained talent and promote the benefits of working in the Retail Industry

Retail labour turnover costs businesses significant amounts of money each year. Loosing a core team member is felt far and wide, yet the pace of the business doesn't allow for leaders to pause and hold conversations on exactly how to prevent this from happening.

Several times in my own corporate retail career, I have persuaded people on the edge of job searching to stay longer. These people didn't report into me and the poor experience driving them to look elsewhere was born out of the poor relationship with the manager and/or peer to peer troubles.


We firmly believe that everyone has a talent and a skill to offer. As leaders, it is important to recognise, appreciate and value each team member as often as possible.

Now, you may not have the time or capacity in continually be touching base with everyone, which is why we have created a retail coaching service specifically bridging this gap.

By bringing our services to your stores or corporate office provides an inspiring, engaging and immediate impact to each team member. 

Kayleigh will work shoulder to shoulder with your retail team to coach, guide and support in continued habits of success building. Working with your existing go to market strategies to leverage capabilities and to strengthen deeper relationships with brand purpose and vision.

 Having full retail experience and a deep understanding of people, Kayleigh is able to quickly identify the core root to any issue and start to unwind this. Importantly, Kayleigh can breakthrough any barriers regarding team performance, constructing effective feedback, break down any fears of selling, work on confidence crushers that are restricting growth and unlock more skills that are stopping your team from achieving greatness.

Your retail teams hold vast amounts of influence and power over every consumer that walks into that store. Far more influence than possible anyone in the whole organisation!

The retail teams who care deeply about their work will convert more clients.

The retail workers who are just plodding along are actually costing you money. You know this!

Which one appeals more?

By employing, nurturing and continually developing a high-performing retail team you will enjoy more sales, better retention and healthier profits!

Retail coaching is perfect for any team who have:

  • Recently undergone disruption

  • Had a change in Management

  • Opened a new location

  • New to physical retail

  • Labour turnover continually high

  • Business results under-performing

  • Large sites that need deeper support

Coaching is available in 5 hour blocks

We recommend a weekly session for a period of 12 weeks

Forming new habits takes time, mindset shifts, competency building and result breakthroughs

If you are serious about overcoming existing troubles and supporting your workforce in taking retail results to the next level, hit the contact form and let's get started!

Development Courses (coming soon!)

Create an exciting environment for your teams and customers!

We understand how important it is that Retail teams get the most recent and relevant training so that they can create an exciting environment for each other and your customers.

Retailers who actively and intentionally change the course of their trajectory through our coaching and training will be the ones who enjoy success and growth for years to come.

Happier teams = better business!

As a retail training academy, we offer team training either in-house or virtually which will be tailored to your company and ensure that your learning outcomes are achieved.

We have carefully devised a set of must-have workshops that will land immediate impact with long-lasting effects. We are the catalyst of change and will treat your business as if it were our own.

Working in true partnership to take your retail teams to that next level.

Our retail training academy also offers wider services around personal brand development and we have helped companies to understand and leverage the power of client reach through building personal brands.

LinkedIn and Instagram are great places where each of your employees are 'hanging out' and also, where your customers are too! Every day, we consume around a mile of scrolling content.

How awesome would it be if your people, by the hundreds and the thousands are creating content around your brand. An employee has 10x the reach of a business!

Look at the brands who have exploded into rapid growth; they leverage and encourage personal branding. Which, is born out of trust, passion and purpose

Creating an exciting retail environment should be at the top of everyones agenda. Excitement breeds energy, and energy multiplies, resulting in more client interaction, better conversations and more sales

In a sea of sameness, be the shark!

5% of all sales will go to Human Values Foundation

Huma Values Foundation



Here at the International Retail Academy, we understand that emotional skills start young and we feel a complete alignment with the great work HVF are doing with schools.

We have partnered with Human Values Foundation and we donate 5% of each service to the Foundation. Thank you