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Recruit for Tomorrow: Future-Proofing Retail's Customer Journey

At The International Retail Academy we believe that exceptional customer experiences are the driving force behind successful retail businesses.


That's why we are dedicated to future-proofing the retail industry by sourcing top-tier talent that not only meets the needs of today but also anticipates the demands of tomorrow.


Our expert recruiters possess a keen understanding of the evolving retail landscape, enabling us to handpick forward-thinking professionals who can seamlessly navigate the dynamic, ever-evolving customer journey.


With our strategic approach, unparalleled expertise and unique offering we empower your business to thrive in the ever-changing retail world! 


Discover a new era of customer-centric excellence with The International Retail Academy in your corner.

Our Unique Process

1. Search

  • Existing database of 3,000+ retail professionals

  • International headhunting expertise

  • We create adverts & enhance your job descriptions to attract quality candidates

2. Assess

  • Shortlisted candidates will have a 45 minute assessment of hard skills (competencies) and thoroughly briefed on your values - brand culture

  • When there is alignment, we put forward 1-3 candidates (because you don't need to waste time meeting a tonne of people)

  • We find the right people, you hire them

3. Coach

  • Once onboarded, the candidate will receive coaching for the first 3 months of employment

  • Wellness benefit

  • Maximises commitment & longevity to you

  • Helps to support your  onboarding journey

Retail Recruitment For Brands Who Truly Care About Their Teams

How do you choose the right recruiter for your brand?

Yes, it is very noisy out there with alot of shady recruitment practices.


For example, a few years ago (when employed) I hired an agency to place a Store Manager.

They did, successfully.

Then one year later, the recruiter called the candidate (who was still running our store) to offer a new position at a new brand!

The audacity is off the charts.

Is it ethical?

Is it 'just the way it is' ?

Well, it's not right and we're here to make retail recruitment a frictionless, enjoyable process for everyone involved.


TIRA is here at the start of the journey, throughout interviews and we support your new joiner for the first 3 months of employment with our coaching. A fantastic on-boarding experience that supports wellness, commitment and tenure.

Benefits of hiring The International Retail Academy for your retail recruitment needs:

  • International expertise (UK, IRE, DE, NL, FR, BE, NO, MENA)

  • We enhance your job descriptions to attract the very best

  • The best of the best get to meet you (we don't throw loads of candidates & hope something sticks)

  • Transparent, open communication along the journey

  • In your corner! We are from retail, we get it

  • Best in market flat fee structure

  • 3 months of on-boarding coaching to your new employee

Oh and the best thing of all?


More time on your hands to work on strategy, talent & retail development and anything else you need to be doing!

You see, retail recruitment can be an arduous task that takes alot from people, especially businesses with limited resources.


There are many pieces of the puzzle - and how complex is the puzzle these days?!

We have a massive customer service crisis in our beloved retail industry.


The growth of a business is only possible by the people working the job; so we either move with them on a lengthy coaching and development process or we hire right, the first time then help these great people become outstanding!

Retail recruitment is one of the most challenging roles as candidates have more demands than ever before. Candidates want to know about flexible contracts, they need to be paid well, they want autonomy and some crave empowerment.

This is why, as part of our service we help you to enhance your job description to ensure these need to know pieces are well communicated to attract the best people for your retail store or area.

The International Retail Academy will not only find you a great employee, but we will work with them for the first 3 months to ensure a smooth landing, to help them build fabulous stakeholder relationships and to encourage their own self-led leadership style where your leadership teams won't need to micromanage or push performance.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not.

We have recruited a Store Manager who came from a marketing background (limited store experience). She went on to be the top performing store inside 1 year of employment then the following year was promoted to the Regional Manager, heading up a region of 25Mil.

We know talent

We know retail

And we will help you - whenever you are ready.

Celebrate your wins, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.
Future-proofing retail requires constant innovation, adaptability, and a
relentless pursuit of delivering outstanding customer experiences - delivered by talent that cares.

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