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Book Kayleigh as your Speaker FAQs

Why do I need a professional retail speaker?

You need it for 2 reasons. The first being to energise, educate and invigorate the people in the room. The second, and most important is to inspire change in your people. People respond to relatable stories and want to be inspired to be their best. 

How long are your talks?

Kayleigh can speak from a 30 minute block to 90 minutes depending on your brief. Talks are of course best in-person. 

What equipment should I have available ahead of the talk?

A great room layout is essential. Your event Manager should de-brief you in good time. Typically a theatre style feels formal and semi-circles are more inclusive. Kayleigh has delivered in most formats.

A stage timer is always welcome along with a bowl of blue M&M's (just kidding...)! Please let us know if you require a presentation and if this will be circulated to your delegates.

Does Kayleigh only speak at retail events/brands?

No. Kayleigh has also spoken at an Architecture Firm, a Recruitment Consultancy, SAAS vendors and several schools. Please reach out if you feel we could serve you; happy to chat!

How much is this going to cost?

Is Kayleigh the cheapest? No. Will her talk be the most memorable and impactful? Probably yes.

Look, we're not here to convince you - you already know if you're going to book Kayleigh. And when you do, she'll be over the moon to give you an outstanding experience!


Workshop FAQs

Is it death by PowerPoint?

There are some slides to offer a constant visual, however, I inject information, energy and practical solutions through verbal training. From my own experience, I know the value of seeing a presentation but also appreciate that younger generations just want to arrive at the nitty gritty, get to the crux of information to learn and grow!


We'd like to hold a socially distanced session in our store/office, how does this work?

Great! Working with people face to face is very impactful and I'm delighted to offer this. I work a month in advance, ensuring content is bespoke to your teams. 

For Workshops in the UK, travel and accommodation is billed with the final invoice. For Workshops around Europe and the Middle East travel and accommodation is arranged upfront.


How long is each workshop?

I have a bite sized version of each, specifically for the virtual sessions, each lasting 2hrs.

The full whammy of each workshop lasts 4 hours - better delivered in a face to face space. So, if I were to visit you we're looking at half a day for 1 workshop through to 2 days of intensive retail coaching.


We already have customer service and operational practices in place, how will yours compliment this?

Great question! The training I offer is anchored in soft-skills development and understanding of why these elements should be delivered. Without re-writing your wheel, we will explore the importance of operational routines, what happens when everything is working really well and what happens when key links are missing. I offer real examples of what memorable service looks and feels like and give practical solutions in resolving conflicts, how to be empathetic and how to actively listen. All of which bridge the skill gap between your brand methods and the 'how' to get there in real-life application 


How do we pay?

Upon booking, there is a non-refundable 30% deposit to secure the date(s). Within 14 working days of workshop delivery, the outstanding balance is payable.


What is my ROI?

A happier workforce, higher chances of retention, reduced absenteeism, a more skilled team passionate to add value to customer experience and overall business results. The ripples of impact are visible in attitudes and service passion which will translate into KPI and NPS improvement.

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