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Mindful Leadership, Softskill Development

  • Understand your emotional state to master self leadership.

  • Know emotional states, triggers and how to use this positive intelligence. 

  • Handle any situation with confidence.

  • Pass on knowledge and inspire teams to grow through self-awareness.

Everyone can be a Legendary Leader

Workshop Overview

Leaders are often pinned down, under enormous pressure. Store Management teams hold heavy burdens; they aspire to reach all the KPI’s, hire the right people, then train those new joiners and retain them! Management must maintain excellent operations front and back and uphold inspiring and compliant visuals along with delivering a consistent customer experience.

There is a lot going on in the minds of management, often ‘box ticking’ becomes the norm and they can easily fall into the trap of silent leadership, aggressive leadership or passive leadership.


Imagine a leader who is mindful; they observe, they actively listen and look for clues when someone needs support or when someone needs more development; including themselves. Self leadership is one of the greatest journeys you will ever embark in your life and it is not something that you study for, take a test and BOOM it's mastered.

Sorry to dissapoint you here. Self leadership is a skill to be practiced every single day. 

In my workshops, we dig into the reasons why, as a leader you need to embrace discomfort.

No-one likes to be uncomfortable.

But in order to grow, something has to change. And always, the change starts with us.

Soft skills training will help you to unlocks your teams fullest potential and become the person you feel want to empower them to be!


When leaders and managers go about their day with complete mindfulness and embrace their ability to overcome anything, the whole team wins and so do your customers.

Legendary leadership training with The International Retail Academy is a transformational workshop that peels back the layers of your existing or future leaders. In an industry where churn is on average 60% (and as high as 90%) it is fundamentally important to champion talent and ensure they are gaining personal, ongoing development. 

Soft skills make all the difference when it comes to relationship management, handling conflict, inspiring change and keeping teams focused on the objectives. Effective softskill training will accelerate your Retail or Corporate behaviours.


Here is a flavour of how your leaders will move from self-doubt to self-mastery with our softskill development workshop.

Activity 1​

Brainfog to Brainfab

Team Bluesky Session

Emotions are simply energy in motion

Feeling happy? You probably move lighter on your feet!

Feeling nervous? You probably tiptoe around, not drawing attention to yourself


We explore the cause/effect of the most common daily emotions and how this totally dictates the rhythm of the day. 


If the leader is feeling frustrated and angry - guess what happens to the team.

Activity 2

Triggers: Self-Discovery and unpeeling the layers of self destruction

This activity will get everyone thinking on a very deep-level about who they are and how they lead.


In order to grow, we must reveal the truth of our own subconscious - as this controls everything.

Awareness of leaders direct influence and impact onto team and customers.

Activity 3​

Owning your new - self

Writing down the new and improved version of yourself.

How do you show strength and compassion.

How will the team feel about this new leader.


The more we visualise and imagine the future successful mindful leader, the closer we become to actually being it!


Throughout our softskill development workshop, lasting all day your leaders will have individual work and group work.

They will see the impact of bad leadership and great leadership and come to understand that their actions and words hold power. 

We will show statistics and share anonymous case studies to land this part.


Leaders will understand how to use their influence to the benefit of the team and when to know if they themselves are acting out of their own frustration or acting out of service.

Self awareness is the hardest but most rewarding gift you can give to yourself and employees.

Perhaps you already went through a personality (DISC) workshop with your teams, so they know WHO they are and HOW they can communicate better with others. But then...not much happened?

We only execute when we truly understand something. Our softskill workshop will give your people strategy and competence to level-up in their everyday role.

We enhance competence around active listening skills and uncover the core principles of leading mindfully. Emotional intelligence is the key skill to look out for when hiring, it can be incredibly difficult to determine someones emotional agility until they are tested - until they are aware of their own responses. We help to educate on this.


This session can be delivered in a store of your choice with a handful of people or in a central office with a larger group. I have found the success of the workshop really depends on the openness of your group. Don't worry, we enjoy working with challenging people - afterall, we are always growing together.

This session can also be customised as one to one coaching. If that interests you, reach out on the contact page and we can arrange a time to talk through your needs.


We will follow up with all attendees 2 weeks after as part of our after-care service, to check-in with workshop learnings, what has changed and what commitments each person is making moving forwards. A full report will be provided to you.

Learning Outcomes

  • Your people will explore and understand the emotional side of leadership

  • How we feel determines our effort and output

  • Knowing your emotional state, triggers and working with these

  • Handling any situation with confidence

  • Softskills Training

  • Passing on the knowledge, inspiring teams and peers to be in a growth mindset

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"Kayleigh's method of getting her message across is one of a kind.

She's a person who can empower and motivate people to bring the best out of themselves.

She is knowledgeable in her field and her leadership skill is innate. I definitely learned a lot from her.

As a Communication trainer and Team Leader, she earns my highest recommendation."

Shae V.

Language Trainer

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