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Her impressive knowledge of the retail industry has helped ensure we have future proofed our Selling Ceremony whilst protecting what is precious to us as a brand. What is even more impressive is how quickly she was able to identify solutions and actions. Thank you Kayleigh.

Anyone who is lucky enough to work closely with her is blown away by the quality of her work and observations. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again and strongly recommend her to anyone thinking of it. You won't regret it!

Retail Head of Learning & Development, Rituals


Retail Case Studies 

When a client comes to us with their needs, we take the time to really understand:


  • Scope

  • Timeframe

  • Objectives

  • Resources  

It is important for us to take the time & understand your goals so we can provide you with the best solutions.

We have worked as part of a wider group on collaborative projects at PVH, working alongside product owners and market leadership teams and worked alone for a number of months producing programs, manuals, workshops, CX experiences and more.

We offer a 'done for you' solution where you brief us on the macro strategy and we deliver or we can work shoulder to shoulder with you.

Our approach is always flexible to your needs.

We do chose to work with brands who have a meaningful cause and who truly CARE about their people.

If that is you, we would be so happy to chat and learn more about your needs!

If you are based in The Netherlands, you are welcome to make an appointment & visit our office in central Amsterdam.


Type of Service: Global Project Management

Deliverable: Customer Experience Discovery - Design - Launch

Timeframe: 7 months

Client: Rituals

Rituals were following a 17 step selling ceremony at their 1,000 global stores. My mission was to complete a discovery (8 weeks) to uncover the blockages and opportunities. This involved store visits, group workshops, 1:1 senior interviews and large scale surveys. Following a successful presentation to the Board, and approval from the CEO, I moved into ideation right away. 

Partnering with Senior Management, we designed a brand new service model, moving away from a clunky, rigid 'selling ceremony' to a 'feel good experience' where the customer is the heart of the experience.

The new customer experience is reduced to 4 core steps and the way in which training is delivered starts completely via videos - which, the brand asked me to star in some of them. Modules included "The Art of Influencing" and "The power of body language" including my infamous Yes-Set method.

Result: significant reduced training time (meaning more time on the shopfloor), a workforce who are abundantly clear on the CX mission. Mystery shop avg. 72% to 88%. I also created a full change management plan with a clear hypercare phasing schedule for all global markets.


Type of Service: European Project Management

Deliverable: Empowering Store Teams through Communications landscape solution

Timeframe: 6 months

Client: Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

Tommy Hilfiger retail landscape is vast and complex. As the markets became decentralised the brand needed to understand the communication landscape as communications were lost, scattered and inconsistent.


I joined this project as it reached the end of a 7 month discovery phase. My role was to investigate if we should BUILD a solution (internally with product team) or BUY a saas solution. After working closely with stakeholders, I co-presented the options to Directors & Vice President, OMNI with a firm line around the need for fast implementation; to empower the store teams asap. It was therefore decided to buy a solution (StorIQ). Partnering with the supplier, I progressed to project managing the onboarding, roll out plans and change management.

Results: initial launch markets have now consolidated communications onto this platform. Store teams are no longer using multiple places of work such as intranet, whatsapp, outlook, visual tooling etc. Running a TH store, no matter where you are in the world is now remarkably easier and efficient. 


Type of Service: Retail Leadership Training

Deliverable: Leadership; Personal Branding in Retail

Timeframe: 3 workshops

Client: GAP

GAP came to me wanting personal branding workshops to help empower and inspire their retail teams of 200+ Store Managers. They felt that for too long, the culture had become a little stagnant and innovation from the store teams was perhaps stifled. They needed a fresh energy and perspective.

Designing 3 bespoke workshops, including activities, learning interventions and workbooks the sessions landed really well with Management and enabled Store leaders to step into their space of influence and become the leaders they truly wanted (& deserved) to be.

Results: improved ENPS, engaged workforce, clarity around 'how to authentically show up' whilst upholding brand values  

"I've loved the Customer Experience Workshop today and cannot wait to share our plans with my team. Kayleigh understands the reality we face in retail and came with very practical solutions to help us succeed. I want more training like this!"

Store Manager, Skechers

"I have learnt why customer experience matters and how much influence I have. I never thought about this before and now I feel really excited about trying out the new ways to approach service. Thank you!"

Host, Miccy's

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