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Coaching to Activate High Performance

  • Coaching to match personality types.

  • Hard coaching vs soft coaching

  • How to give (and receive) feedback

  • The Guiding Principles of Coaching

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Great Managers tend to be great doers. They organise, they get stuff done! The downfall of a highly operational leader is they tend to miss the coaching opportunities - the moments where they can offload tasks onto other people whilst at the same time, developing that team member.


Coaching teams to believe they can achieve anything doesn’t happen overnight. But the moment the mentality is switched and open for that is exactly when behaviours and habits start to develop.


Managers of today and tomorrow do not appreciate being told what to do. At a time where your staff may have huge influence online but in a store, no voice at all, is a complete misalignment. Therefore, an inclusive coaching style of management should be adopted to implant trust throughout the team. People want to feel seen and heard - this workshop gives this experience.


Tell me once, I won’t remember...get me involved and now I’m paying attention. 

This is exactly what this workshop is about.

Less telling, more doing.

Unlike our other workshops, this is largely a facilitation of role-plays. This enables your team members to creatively think about the situation, logically approach each exercise and learn from one another.

The great thing about this workshop is that everyone has the chance to shine/participate and be heard. Every opinion and approach matters and your teams will feel a real sense of achievement by the end of the day.

Workshop Overview

“I don’t want to step on anyone's toes so I’m not saying anything” should be a thing of the past. If your team member sees a way to do something better, this triggers a conversation.


In this workshop we uncover the limiting beliefs and internal narratives we tell ourselves that actually stop progress. By not speaking up, you could actually be holding business results back! 


During this workshop, each person will grow their knowledge in:


Self-mastery. Revealing their greatest passions within the roles they have

Using this passion to fuel purpose

Facilitating a great conversation

Fortune in the follow-up! One sit down chat achieves little; follow-up formula!

Identifying when to take coaching into performance management 

Confidence building to deliver with facts not feelings

Learning your coaching style; through activities 

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What others say...

"I was lucky enough to join an online seminar with Kayleigh, it was really informative and helpful for myself and my team.


We learned a lot from Kayleigh and highly recommend The international retail academy as a must for all."

Shez N.

Team Leader


These 7 hours or so are best delivered with intimate sized groups, anything from 3 upto 12. If you want more participants, I will bring in support coaches for breakout sessions.


2 weeks after, we will follow-up with everyone on a 1:1 basis as part of our aftercare service to close the learning loop of this workshop.

Learning Outcomes

  • Personality Types - style of coaching to best match each person

  • Hard coaching vs soft coaching

  • How to give (and receive) feedback

  • Guiding principles of coaching - The Method