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Personal Branding for Your Retail Teams

Unleash your teams potential by empowering them to be themselves


Outcomes include highly engaged, highly motivated and passionate people!

Happier teams, better results

Have you ever walked into a retail store and been greeted by someone who looks like they either rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago or sound like they'd rather be back in that bed! The level of laziness in retail service is a sad sight to see.

You know why this happens?

The people brands employee are mostly there to earn abit of money to pay for their social lifestyle. There, I said it. Who is actually joining retail to make a career out of it? (Can you imagine...)?!

Of course this happens too, and if like Kayleigh you've been in the industry for a long time, it was proably a very accidental career. So those people wearily wandering around your store floors could very well be the next Head of Retail of Chief Operating Office or Global Marketing Executive for YOUR brand.

So how about, we start empowering these people today so that the future of your business (and the industry in general) is ran by a group of highly competent and confident individuals. 

Doesn't that sound pretty cool, huh?

Not convinced?

Ok, here's something else to think about.

That person greeting you in the same, boring way was actually told to do that from their line Manager. Their Manager is following a policy probably written by their Regional Manager. That Area Manager is following a brand strategy from Operations around consistent consumer experiences; defined by someone who hasn't spoken or seen a real-life customer in years!

Do you see how crazy this is? 

People on retail floors are not scripted parrots.

They are people

Who have lives, hobbies, interests, passions.

Yes, brands feel it absolutely critical to drive some kind of consistency...and I get it, as leaders, we don't want any nasty surprises when we visit our people in our stores. So how can you strike the right kind of balance?

Here is the solution in 3 simple steps.

1. Create an environment that encourages each person to communicate in their own unique ways

2. Encourage the team to learn about each other; to grow together

3. Burn the scripts. Empower people to be themselves



Personal Branding Workshops are perfect for:

  • Brand new retail teams

  • Retail teams with new Managers

  • Retailers who want to improve service levels

  • Retail teams who are 'stuck in their ways'

  • Area Managers who want to empower their teams



Our personal branding days are filled with laughter, physical movement, self-reflection a sprinkle of soul-searching and a workbook for everyone to take away afterwards.

The majority of the day is high vibe and a a chance for everyone to learn something new about their peers and wider network. When your teams start to understand WHO they're working with, the HOW comes together naturally. No scripts required!

When your retail teams unleash their personal brands, you will see an uplift in your business results. Not only that, you will open the doors for conversations around career progression and succession planning.


Remember, the majority of the workforce are Millennials and when you start to care about them (& show it)...they will care about you. These people are not job hoppers, they simply want to work with brand who care about the planet and their people.

Play + laughter = learning and growing together!


At the end, there is an awesome opportunity to star in the team movie (fully embracing your personal brand) and this will be edited and sent within 2 weeks to everyone who took part.


A real fun, surprising day, filled with epic memories about your business that will fire up even the quietest person in the team!


Contact us today with your ideal location and number of attendees. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


The Retail Team Personal Branding Day is 6 hours.

As with all our workshops, this can be adapted to suite your needs, just drop a note over and we'll discuss it.

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"Recently I joined the "Building Winning Teams'' session by Kayleigh and I can highly recommend it! Kayleigh is an experienced retail leader, she worked in the Middle East and Europe. She used this experience to set the stage for this session, where she talked about the T.E.A.M.-methodology and the ripples of effect (R.O.I.).


I am using this in my next offsite session with my team and if you could use support with your team, get in touch with her asap!"

Jordi B

Director of Retail

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