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Team Building Day

Get your team working to their best with our Team Building Day Worksop


Outcomes include highly engaged, highly motivated and passionate people!

Happier teams, better results

There are 2 types of people when it comes to hearing the words ‘we have a team building day’ !!


Type 1: Shudder inside, roll their eyes and generally feel uncomfortable

Type 2: Jump up and down, cannot wait, super excited


How would your team feel about this?

If the majority fall into Type 1...then you NEED this epic day to reinvigorate the workforce and get everyone geared up for the next big thing in your business.

Team Building Days are perfect for:

Pre-Launch of a huge brand roll-out (marketing activation, epos updates, expansion); take the pressure off and allow some steam to come off

  • Presiding new store opening

  • The start of a new season

  • Pre-peak trade

  • Start of each financial quarter


Our team building days are filled with laughter, physical movement, self-reflection, trust games and some old school activities to light the memories of childlike playfulness.

Why is team building so important? The team get the chance to know each other on a much deeper level. They will get the chance to participate in trust games that involve digging deep into the things that get them motivated aswell as the things that frustrate them - it is important to know that this day lifts energy and motivation but it also reveals core reasons as to why some people spiral out of emotional control when things start to go wrong.

We bring about awareness and coping strategies - together, everyone is stronger.

The majority of the day is high vibe and energetic!

Play + laughter = learning and growing together!


At the end, there is an awesome opportunity to star in the team movie and this will be edited and sent within 2 weeks to everyone who took part.


A real fun, surprising day, filled with epic memories about your business that will fire up even the quietest person in the team!


Contact us today with your ideal location and number of attendees. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


The Team Building Day is 8 hours in length. 

As with all our workshops, this can be adapted to suite your needs, just drop a note over and we'll discuss it.

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"Recently I joined the "Building Winning Teams'' session by Kayleigh and I can highly recommend it! Kayleigh is an experienced retail leader, she worked in the Middle East and Europe. She used this experience to set the stage for this session, where she talked about the T.E.A.M.-methodology and the ripples of effect (R.O.I.).


I am using this in my next offsite session with my team and if you could use support with your team, get in touch with her asap!"

Jordi B

Director of Retail

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