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What is a retail mastery program?

Retail mastery helps bring your brand and vision to life in a retail environment where world class basics are instilled into every team member.

This program is perfect for business owners new to the highstreet or looking to open their next set of stores whilst further improving their retail operations.

Having worked in retail for decades, we know that the fundamentals of retail success comes down to 4 core pillars:





Visual Merchandising




We have carefully curated a list of retail fundamentals that help retailers stand out from the sea of sameness.

Customers are eager to shop physical retail and when they give their
time to visit you, TIRA are right there helping you curate the best experiences to convert browsers into buyers and brand fans!

At TIRA we will help you with the following:

  • On-boarding content

  • Optimal in-store layout to encourage customers to walk the entire store

  • Hot spot offerings

  • Eye catching window displays

  • In-store styling and best practices 

  • Activations to increase dwell-time

  • Key touch-points for easy add-on sales

  • General retail experience (music, ambience, design, lights)

  • Pricing strategies and promotional offers

  • Values & culture

  • Recruitment strategies

  • Client journey mapping

  • Daily team briefings to ensure a winning mindset

  • Operational efficiencies 

  • Team succession planning

  • Building high-performance cultures

  • Product storage organisation

  • Building customer loyalty

  • After-sales care

  • Team development & succession planning

This list is not extensive and you may not need everything, which is why we partner with you on a month-to-month basis ensuring you are serviced with exactly what you need

So how does it work?

We will send you a pack filled with topics available.

You then select your top 3-5 priorities from each of the 4 business pillars.

After your selection is made, we have a discussion to deep-dive into these needs and to understand exactly where you want to land in the following 6,12,18 months.

We do this to be completely aligned and to ensure the service provided to you is exactly what you need.

From here, you'll sign a brief terms of service and we get started right away

Here's how Retail Mastery could look for you

  • Week 1: Discovery day with you, in-store mapping out your bespoke retail mastery program and training preferences

  • Week 2: Receive your first needs and/or training (this could be a workbook, a manual, a video, a checklist)

  • Week 3: We have a 45minute coaching call to discuss last weeks implementation or anything else you want to talk about

  • Week 4: Receive your next set of processes - training - documents 

  • Week 5: Time for our 45 min coaching call

...and so forth


Think of TIRA as your retail co-pilot; helping you reach new heights and move forward!


We invoice you each month and that's it. Easy peasy right?!

Clothes on Hanger

Pricing is available on request, but to give you an idea

  • If you have 1-5 stores the investment is 1,997 pm

  • If you have 6-10 stores the investment is 2,497 pm

  • If you have 11-20 stores the investment is 2,997 pm

What is the expected ROI?

Having a solid set of world class basics can see your conversion rates significantly increase in a matter of weeks

Employee engagement is optimised as they are continually learning and your customer awareness-lifetime value is improved


The question to ask is: what is the cost of NOT partnering with TIRA?

You could probably watch some YouTube videos, get out to shop at competitors and muddle your way through core retail learnings. You'll probably be ok. For a while.

But is 'ok' the goal here?

If you've gotten this far, chances are you are exactly like us and you want to dominate your industry! You want your customers to tell their friends, you want to grow your brand and build a huge legacy.

With our support, you'll get there much faster.

Let us take some of the weight from you and support your vision. Together, we create outstanding retail customer experiences.

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