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Magnetic sales coaching adapted to your unique style, guaranteeing better conversions!
Step up
Stand out

My awesome 1:1 clients have successfully done business with

Are you tired of feeling:

Little to almost no work-life balance - because you're in constant turmoil to prove yourself and (barely) reach targets whilst feeling totally exhausted 

Unsure of how to manage emotions and be heard in a sea of competitors and taken seriously in a timeframe that meets your needs?
Unclear on how to close the gap between discovery and doing the deal, often thinking to yourself "I know I have the perfect product/solution but I just can't get it over the line" ?

If you find yourself agreeing to these situations, let me help you. Firstly, it's not your fault.
Maybe you spent years in education and spent a small fortune setting yourself up for success. Maybe you hired seemingly professional business coaches or invested into multiple Masterminds.

But the needle didn't really move.


Then BOOM you find yourself with the same challenges as last year and you desperately want a change. 

You are OBSESSED with taking yourself to the next level.


Suddenly, the reality kicks-in and whatever brought you here is your sign to take the action you want, desire and need!


You have all of the potential to be an awesome salesperson. STOP looking at the competition around you progressing with ease and feeling bad that you are working your butt off for almost nothing in return.

It stops today!

As a sales training expert, I will help fill the gaps with you. 


There is a MAJOR GAP that is never addressed. 

This gap cripples your progress and will always hold you back until you decide and commit to taking control.

Studies have shown that performance only accounts for 10% effort when it comes to building your reputation and landing epic sales.

The other 90%?


Well, that is all about YOU.


Your personal brand, your energy, communication, exposure and willingness to be proactive. My friend, do you really believe that I became a country Manager at 22 years old because I was so wise and had all the answers around business strategy?

Absolutely not! I got to that role because I engaged my personality to become my personal reality.

Call it mindset, manifestation, future-mapping if you will.

It happened because I made it happen.

You can do this and more!

THAT is where I come in to help you become the person you desire to be - with my ultimate sales mastery programs.

Why should you hire me as your sales training expert? 

Well, for one I am the product of my own teachings - I embody everything I walk you through and my methods have enabled me to enjoy a super career, filled with promotions and global travel to now being a fully booked training consultant and professional speaker.

I love to serve! The way I see it is this; your success is my success which creates massive ROI (ripples of impact). My drive and passion to serve you is unrivalled and my focus is totally on YOU!

Sales coaching programs with Kayleigh can be tailored to your needs, so don't worry if something above doesn't quite fit into your needs. We can have a call to discuss what you need help with and take it from there.

Discover your perfect program:

Sales Mastery 1:1

Any industry

1:1 Zoom call

90 minutes

Nail your intro/pitch 

How to LEAD the client

Customer journey mapping

Body/Face Language 






Attracting Clients

Any industry

LinkedIn Optimisation

Captivating Headline

Engaging About Section

x2 Banner designs

Networking strategy

Content pillar strategy

5 day turnaround


ULTIMATE Sales Mastery

Open to all humans wanting to build their business. Fast track your sales confidence, competence and success!

This is the signature sales coaching program, spanning 1 month.

  • x3 Zoom coaching sessions

  • Session 1: Clarity on your proposition, your value, unique selling points, benefits, pain-points, your expected results. This is a working strategy session

  • Session 2: Communication mastery. This session we nail your pitch, body language, dig into high value words to use and build your authority in a likeable, trusting way that makes your client say 'I'd love to buy this'

  • Session 3: The feel good factor. Storytelling to connect with your client through softskills mastery. You will learn about matching back, my bespoke yes-set method to build rapport and how to ask for the sale in a way that feels really good for you

  • Voxer voice coaching throughout the sales coaching program (yes, a full month)! Close access with me as and when you need live coaching, yipeee!


You become the sales pro you desire to be. We have at least 3 hours of 1:1 coaching time together along with your professional bespoke workbooks to look back on. 

A one-time investment for a lifelong skills, can't say fairer than that!


I'm Kayleigh, the most energetic person you'll (probably) ever meet!

I empower ambitious professionals, like you through 15+ years of international experiences so that YOU can achieve your business goals faster than trying to figure it all out by yourself!

I achieved Country Manager status at just 23 years old, went on to manage a group of high-performing Middle Eastern men aged 28 and enjoyed 8 promotions inside of 10 years.


A 6 figure earner by age 32, given presentations to groups of 400+ people always aiming to serve the end-user.

I have gained significant learnings in all facets of leadership and management across more than 15 countries. I have worked and lived in London, Manchester, Barcelona, Kuwait, Amsterdam and have worked with people in South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Qatar, Germany, Norway, Ireland, France, Dubai and more.

My knowledge is transversal and my method can be applied to YOUR business.

When you are ready to accelerate your knowledge through working with a sales coach who actually CARES about you, reach out. I would love to help you!

I completely empathise with your situation, as I have likely walked in your shoes.

It feels like not so long ago that I doubted myself before speaking up or shrank myself in a room filled with people who were 'more experienced than me' it took habits and disciplines of the mind to unlock my fullest empowered self. I continue to learn, hire coaches and work on myself daily to serve my clients in the best possible ways. 

My first-hand experience helps professionals like you to show up, be seen and reach your fullest potential. I love empowering you to take full control of your journey through strategic and powerful practices to stand out from the sea of sameness! Yes, I co-create with you powerful practices to start mapping your future. Just as I did and continue to do.

Landing your dream client has never been more complicated. it seems!

People will have you wondering if your sales page is optimised enough, are you wearing the right colours, do you have the best case study examples, are you ready to be grilled at the final hurdle and so on.

What no-body will tell you is this:

The only gap between where you are now and where you want to be is a clear vision coupled with consistent, compelling communication.

These, I will help you master!

As a trusted sales training expert, hired by dozens of brands and individual 1:1 clients my guarantee to you is this: we move the needle or you get your money-back.

Keyboard and Mouse
Female Model

Social Media Strategist. UK

Just 1 week after my 1:1 session with Kayleigh I closed 4 mastermind clients which brought in 21k of revenue for. Kayleigh shone a light on where my sales pitch was falling down and fixed it with me! I'm so grateful to have found you. Thank you I will recommend your services to my clients. 

woman 9.webp

HR Manager. UK/IRE

My gut feeling was to work with Kayleigh - she gave me a huge boost during our 1:1 session and even helped me build a presentation which I delivered to the C-Suite in my final interview, which secured me the offer.  I start my new role next month which is a significant step up in my career and paygrade.


  • Director of all roles

  • Head of all roles

  • General Manager

  • All Merchandising

  • All Marketing

  • All Visual Merchandising

  • All Human Resources

  • SAAS providers

  • All Operations

  • All Finance

  • All Field based

  • All Store based

  • Hospitality

  • Administration

  • Business Coaches

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Personal Trainers

  • Lifestyle Coaches

  • Start up Businesses

Your Sales Mastery training is bespoke and perfectly tailored to you. We bring out your personality to successfully connect with the client - so you get the sale. You will have exact strategies and proven methods to connect & convert.

If you choose the ultimate Sales Mastery bundle, then you have at least 3 hours of 1:1 coaching time with Kayleigh to unlock limitations, learn tried and tested methods to impress the client and of course, unleash your confidence and become the person you desire to be. 

Case Study, Casandra P

I am very impressed with Kayleigh's approach with Sales Mastery. I learnt more in 90 minutes than I did in an entire 6 month Mastermind! I can say that Kayleigh really wants you to win. She was available on Voxer when I needed some extra help and I applied her yes-set method during my live sales pitch. I have converted more clients since hiring Kayleigh. Highly recommend booking totally WORTH IT! Kayleigh has moved my confidence and ability to the next level. I am so grateful. 


Why our Sales Coaching will serve you

You want to land more deals and you want to land your next level life in a timeframe that suits your needs.

You know you have the perfect product or service, but something just isn't clicking.

I understand that better than anyone, having built my own business from scratch, ground up with zero 'know how'!

I take the time to understand your business background and will pick out your strongest personality traits to weave this into your sales narrative, creating an incredible strong visualisation of how awaesome you are to work with and how your product is needed by your client. 

We will build up your approach from the ground, a blank page.

My professional sales coaching program will help you on your way much faster than going it alone.

My proven framework and method has served hundreds of clients from 15+ countries from graduate level to C-Suite Executives. Many of which have become superb friends of mine, whom I value massively. 

We are continually rated 5 stars and enjoy serving a wide spectrum of  professionals, across multiple industries.

Join our community of sales masters today and let's move you towards your dream life (yes, it's coming)!

Why do we do this work?

Kayleigh is on a mission to inspire people to be their very best through the service!

The secret to living? Giving!

Our big vision is to build a foundation that helps carers/parents following a crisis to get back into work (crisis following from divorce, escaping domestic violence, bereavement, asylum etc). 

The children of those families deserve a stable, safe and cheerful home where Parents feel purposeful and happy again. Having been raised in somewhat challenging circumstances, I know first-hand how important it is for a family to be safe and secure.

In the meantime, 5% of every sale is gifted to The Human Values Foundation in the UK.

More details can be found on the homepage.

Invest in your GROWTH

​You are already wildly SELF AWARE to know that you need some help in getting to the next level.

You are probably confident to some extent and know how to self manage whilst focusing on business objectives - this is where you tend to create the most value and impact.


Also you are a great human who can positively influence good outcomes in the world - we add more 'secret spice' into your approach - because people hire people that they want to work with! They get to know, like and trust you very quickly with my methods.

Remember, your personality creates your personal reality and I help you to lean into your greatest assets to fully step into your potential - so that you create more impact and enjoy more income!

With our professional Sales Mastery Program you are well on the way to not only securing more business but having the mindset of an unstoppable and limiltess leader.​

Here's what Vera said:

For the ultimate fast track sales success

Join the Ultimate Sales Mastery community where every single person is armed for success to really MOVE the needle forward in their business.


Boldly take action to support your highest vision of yourself. Look, when you do nothing, nothing changes...? Do you want to be in the same place in 6, 12, 18 months time? Of course you don't! 

Kayleigh has been a sales training expert for more than 15 years and has learnt all the good, bad & ugly ways of closing deals! You can expedite your success through following my sales coaching program. 


So what if I were reading this for the first time, what would I do?

I'd take massive action. I'd book straight onto the Ultimate Sales Mastery Program trusting myself to apply the learnings. That's it. Success is yours; if you desire it. 


Set yourself as 'the one to watch' stick to my method and you too will be enjoying sales growth and more referrals than ever before all whilst enjoying the journey. (Yes, you really can have it all).

I recently joined a new company with ambitious sales targets. My role is lead generation and discovery sessions where I then hand over to my Manager for the sales call. I got into Kayleigh's world about a year ago through Linkedin and read most her content for ages before summoning up the courage to reach out and book a session. I wish I did it sooner! I was inspired and put at ease straight away. Kayleigh asked me lots of questions to understand my concerns about my new role and then she walked me through a perfect customer journey. She helped me to nail my elevator pitch and taught me how to connect through relatable storytelling. I put these methods to use and guess what? My Manager now trusts me to have the sales call and I've closed deals! You MUST hire Kayleigh, she totally has your back!

- Paul, Business Development Executive

Business meeting

You Only Have One Chance

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