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Your Personal Brand Speaks Volumes - Whether You Know It Or Not!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

WTF is a personal brand?

Simply've heard of Starbucks right? Nike? McDonalds? They are huge brands.

You have associated feelings with those places. You have an opinion of those brands.

Maybe you like them, maybe you trust them.

You have an expectation of them.

This is why we go to the same places to dine out and why we always buy certain pieces from certain stores; we get comfortable with the brands we trust.

Now apply this logic back onto yourself.

Your personal brand is who you are 24/7.

Your personal brand is not who you are in Instagram or how you show up in's all of that and more. Personal brand is who you are behind the scenes, it's who you are with your friends, it's who you are when you're alone or in huge social setting.

Think about your personal brand as a tool to create success!

To attract better friends, to attract your ideal clients, to attract opportunities. To hold bold conversations with your Managers or to land that next job.

You will have heard of influencers?

Influencers are simply people who have leaned fully into their own personal brand and leveraged that to achieve whatever they are going after.

When you have a Regional Manager or a Store Manager with a very strong personal brand, they will likely hold a tonne of influence.

Influence is authority

Influence is power

Influence has impact - sometimes good, sometimes bad

Now, when you think about personal branding, what thoughts come to mind for you?

Be honest.

Do you feel it's tacky or a fad or something Millennials made up? Maybe you are curious about it and want to actually learn more.

Personal branding is misunderstood - and we fear what we don't know.

Why is personal brand important for retail teams?

Your people hold ALL the influence and power over a consumer in that face to face moment

Your people can literally turn that browser into a purchaser within moments

This is down to competence blended with confidence - personal branding!

Your retail teams live a life on social, you know this.

If they have strong personal brands, you WANT them to be talking about your brand, posting about their staff purchase and celebrating great wins


People have 10x the reach of your brand name alone!

This is an insane amount of reach and it's such a HUGE opportunity to tap into, today.

Personal brand is how you are thought of and spoken about when you're not around.

So if you don't know your personal brand - ask a few people around you to describe you in a few words, go on, do it!

What is my personal brand?

Positive, Encouraging and Uplifting!

Thanks a million for reading, and if you liked it, drop a like - apparently it helps with my SEO!

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