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The Marriage of a CV & Cover Letter

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Let me break this down in a very simple way... Your CV is all about YOU Your Cover Letter is all about THEM CV:

Your Professional Summary Your skills Your career experience Your education Your emotional intelligence Your value

Your examples Cover Letter: The role attraction The company attraction The growth The admiration The culture The values A CV and Cover Letter are a marriage. In one hand is all the competency stuff. In the other hand is all the attraction stuff. Put them together and BOOM your application is exciting!!

Recruiters do not want to spend hour after reading the same information and dull list of ‘I’ve done this and that…’ they WANT to enjoy your profile and get to know YOU. Don't make the mistake of reciting all of your CV into your Cover Letter; it is a waste of words and wasted opportunity.

Use your CV as the mainframe of what you have done, the moments of impact throughout your career and the achievements along the way.

Your CV narrative needs to be informative, showcasing relevant competencies.

Your Cover Letter is a moment to show more of your personality and your genuine excitement towards the role/company you’re applying too.

Both documents, in harmony, will ensure you have a winning, standout profile!

Lots of love,

Kayleigh x

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