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How You Do One Thing, Is How You Do Everything!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Anyone who knows me, will have experienced my intensity of standards. Both personally and professionally.

How you show up for yourself is how you show up in business.

Let me explain.

If you know someone who is usually late to meetings, they probably have a problem with the alarm in the morning too.

If you know someone who can never finish a task properly, this will probably show up in other areas of life.

The biggest difference between the people who simply make stuff happen and 'succeed' and those who don't all comes down to self-discipline, persistence and consistent action.

Do enough of these consistently and your life will radically shift, in ways you cannot imagine right now!

In the picture above I was competing at amateur level fitness, I won the division, placed 1st in my category.

If I had approached my training in a casual manner, or not stuck to the food and supplement plan I would not have won. Physicality matters in these competitions, but so does poise and confidence - which is born out of your mindset and your actions.

Could I have truly stepped onto stage confident knowing I only gave 90%? No.

I gave 100% and expected to win.

I expected to win because of that intense preparation.

This is exactly how I coach retail leaders.

This is how I take an average or good leader to greatness in a matter of weeks.

Instilling belief, unravelling the fears that are holding them back, setting new powerful intentions that create huge ripples of impact across the team!

You see, retail leaders do not want to fail, they do not want to be average.

They want to be shown the way, they want different skills to enhance their that they can lead their teams to massive success!

Massive success requires massive action.

Massive commitment.

If you want to move the needle and have your teams working entirely mission led, passionate about their work and acting as a promoter of the brand, you simply must invest in their development.

Did you know each employee has 10x the reach of your brand?

Imagine the impact of having your employee's acting as brand advocates, totally organic, self-led and passionately.

This makes my hair stand up! The power and influence of your teams are WILD!

Your business will change radically!

So how can brands invest in someones development?

Development of resilience

Development of mindset

Development of crisis management

Development of emotional agility

Development of giving/receiving feedback

Development of leading with heart

Development of personal brand

Anyone can learn something technical, but to master your mind to take you to a place of self-discipline this has to come from someone who has been there, done that.

A place of authenticity and even, relatability.

Current and future leaders are Millennials and Gen Z - they are the digital generation.

They crave growth, knowledge, impact and they want to learn from someone who they can look upto! Absorb information from someone who 'gets it' !

No offence, but no 26year old, go-getting, ambitious, pet lover, Youtuber, is going to be influenced by a text book PDF presentation delivered by someone completely unrelatable.

The 2 are massively disjointed.

The message is lost before it even started!

Win the hearts of your teams...they will then win the hearts of your customers!

How we do one thing is how we do everything.

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