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#1 Reason Your Team Are Not Selling Enough Products

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

If you can solve this problem, you'll solve EVERY problem.

Customer Service

Client Experience

Consumer Journey

However you name yours, they all have a similar meaning and each one points to the buyer being first. The buyer is the priority.

I would argue that the buyer comes first WHEN (and only when) the team truly understand how to connect and convert.

Without communication, you are simply a store with products. Your customer can get a similar experience by visiting the website.

Wouldn't it be great if you could forecast almost entire accuracy when it comes to sales?

Not to have rounds of re-forecast meetings and explaining everything to finance every few days? How much time would that save you each week or every month?! Alot right.

When your store teams are competent in tasks, brilliant!

You know that brand consistency is going to be delivered.

When your Managers are fantastic operators, great!

You know that the back of house is a well oiled machine, productivity is strong and there are very few discrepancies.

When your field teams are confident in project managing, excellent!

You know the new store opening or the dual-site initiative is going to be a flawless success.

What about selling?

Think about the (few) people you have in your teams right now that are superb at selling.

You know the ones, always beating the business average, always in the top 10 of the region, always maintain exemplary customer retention.

These few sales people have cracked the code! They make it look super easy and enjoyable. Don't you wish you had more of these people? Of course you do.

The person closet to the customer wins, and for you these could be:

Sales Associates

Sales Advisors

Sales Consultants

However you name it, the clue is in the first word. SALES!

Yet so many brands, managers, teams and leadership are disconnected with this.

To some extent, even apologetic when it comes to selling.

"We don't need to sell" is possible the most naive phrase any person in sales could say or think. In business, if you don't know sales or marketing you're going to have a very hard time.

"Selling is easy" wouldn't that be a great message to echo throughout the region?

Well, I'm here to tell you it is possible.

So what is the #1 reason your teams are not selling enough?

They don't know how to sell.

Stay with me, because right here, you are going to get a glimpse of the sales strategies that have worked countless times across a variety of retailers; from fast fashion to luxury bags to sportswear, to denim and more. Everywhere from the UK to Spain to Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, The Netherlands, Ireland, France and more!

In order to establish a team who truly master selling, take these steps, in this order and you'll be well on your way:

  1. Sales Mindset

  2. Personality Types

  3. Personal Branding

  4. Active listening

  5. Storytelling

  6. Benefits of the Benefits

  7. Closing with Confidence

Starting with sales mindset is so important yet massively under-rated (often missed) in the industry!

In those first few hours/days after hiring someone to literally SELL your brand - you have a duty to understand the thinking here around selling.

Maybe they are a blank page, fresh out of school

Maybe they have massive personal financial strain

Maybe they feel negative about selling

Maybe they feel nervous about selling

However each person feels about something determines the actions. For example, if your average consumer spends 2k on a designer handbag but the average net salary of your employee 2k, how successful will that person be?

The belief here is 'this is sooo much money' and this effects the quality of conversation that follows, ultimately loosing the sale.

You simply must get under the skin of it. When you do, all the magic will unravel.

Selling becomes easy and enjoyable. Regardless of your Manager earning 25k or 85k.

We don't sell the drill - we sell the drill so the buyer can make holes in the wall to hang family photos or art.

We don't sell bikes - we sell the breeze in your face.

Too often selling gets a bad rap - and it starts with the sales mindset of the individual.

The mindset is programmed to believe that selling is icky or awkward. That's ok!

Recognise it and teach new ways.

Do you have a program in place that extracts these limiting, fearful sales beliefs from your teams?

When was the last time your stores were walked through personality types and how to connect with different people quickly? Or how storytelling will almost always land a sale?

Without these steps, you are allowing money to walk out of the store.

Is it time to build team competence through proper sales training?

If yes, visit our workshops or coaching and let's get started on sales mastery for your teams.

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