World Class Service, Raising the Roof on Retail Service Standards

  • Win the hearts of clients. 

  • Learn about body language, hidden messages and communication. 

  • Be stage ready: You with Glitter!

  • Create brand fans through service

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Connecting emotionally to convert more clients!

This signature workshop is an absolute MUST for any business serious about business.

Now you may be thinking 'why do emotions matter' perhaps you have sales scripts in place of the team have access to all the product information to effectively sell. But this won't cut it, not today.

To win the hearts of your customers and clients, teams must step-up to a new level of confidence to engage and hold a conversation. 

On the retail stage, the team performance matters. 

How they hold themselves

How they use intonations to storytell

How they lead the customer to a decision with confidence


I have transformed retail teams from burnt-out, disengaged with customer service scores so low it's enough to make you want shop online forever! Teams are transformed to vitalised, enthusiastic and passionate people delivering record breaking, consistent client experience. When the team succeeds, everyone does - including the customer.


From drab to fab


You get the idea!


Here’s the great thing - all of this is achieved with facts and when adopted fully it can transform everything inside the retail store.

The moment your team step up in self-belief, in knowledge of communication mastery and indeed confidence this also impacts store operations, general attitudes and core competencies grow.

This workshop will creates ripples of impact across service, team harmony, operational excellence and of course, KPI’s

Workshop Overview

To kick things off, we get going with a group activity and immediately have everyone on their feet. The first activity is an energetic mood matching exercise.

Then, we elevate. We call this Mirror +1


We then explore client avatars and dig deeper into each need of this client. We also learn to never assume anything about the buyer - much harder than it sounds. 

Case studies are shared.


The 2nd activity is all around shock, surprise and inspiring each client.

To get heads and shoulders above competitors, we need to do things differently - and this comes from the words you use and how to convey the message.


How many times do teams say ‘this is really nice’ when a client is trying something on? 

Nice is kind of ‘meh’ take it or leave it. Expand and practise different words to elevate client experience and leave them feeling with a ‘wow’ moment.

People buy from people and we get to tap into the emotional human we are serving at that time.

Touchpoints of the purchase journey. Here we identify each area and perform a ‘then/now’ analysis getting very specific around the new elevated experience.


Finally we walk through the journey of buying and instill confidence in your teams to hold the hands of the client into a purchase. Internal narrative shifts from shyly asking for the sale to confidently helping that client make a decision!


We will have a group surgery session 2 weeks after on Zoom for a round of feedback and any Q&A’s.

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What others say...

"Once in a blue moon, you have a chance to connect with an individual that can truly make a difference to your own quest in life. Kayleigh, without question, made a massive impact on me. Her unrelenting drive and love of what she does, is infectious."

Mark A.

Store Manager

Learning Outcomes

  • How to win the hearts of clients

  • Body language queues and hidden messages in communication

  • Stage ready. You, but rolled in glitter

  • Creating brand fans - through your personal brand and service


The Workshop is 7 hours in length.

We can adapt to your needs; for example, if you'd like this over 2 days, it can be arranged