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Team Keep Leaving? Time For Some Self Reflection

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Employee “I’m resigning”

Employer “Why, you’re doing great”

Employee “I’ve been offered a next step with better benefits”

1 week later...

Employer “We can offer you a match”

Employee “No thanks”


Value employees throughout their tenure...not at the moment they are walking out the door‼️

Of course, at the moment someone resigns, they already left mentally - sometimes weeks or perhaps months ago.

Retaining talent is one of the most underrated KPI's leaders and managers are measured on, yet when a great talent is lost, my goodness it is felt far and wide!

The hole in the workload and of course the impact on the teams around them. The more they were liked and the more they added value, the harder it is to fill that gap.

Self-reflection is an absolute must when this happens; you probably do business hindsights; how about people hindsights?

If you have team members leaving in succession there is likely a huge issue with the culture or you, or worse, both.

You've heard of the phrase 'people don't leave businesses, they leave bad bosses' ? There is of course some truth in that.

So let's get real here and get after some self-reflection. This will only serve you, so the more you do this, the better you'll become!

Here are my top 3 tips to keep hold of and develop talent within your teams

  1. Make the time to have a face to face chat with them weekly. If not, virtual is ok. The first 15 minutes should be about THEM. Kids, health, up your likability factor with your team member. If they actually like you, it's harder for them to leave. FACT

  2. Always always thank them for their efforts. At the end of a shift 'thank you for today, you did great' and 'thanks for all your efforts, you really made a difference'

  3. Ask them every quarter what goals they have in their career. At the speed of todays world, checking in twice a year on this topic is not enough

Time, thanks and asking.

Remember and act on these 3 things, you'll soon see retention rates stabilising and a much more engaged, happier team too.

Self-reflection often gets a bad rap; leaders often thinking I have no time for that fluffy nonsense. When in fact, self-reflection will actually calibrate you to the situation and solution so much quicker than jumping from one decision to the next.

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