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So WTF is Retail Customer Experience and Why Does it Matter?

Updated: Feb 28

Do you work in retail? I don’t mean only on ‘the shopfloor’ by the way!

You could be the COO, a District Manager, a Merchandiser, a Product Owner or part of the Finance team. Whatever function you are in this awesome industry:

So please, pay attention to the only thing that matters: Your customers!

You don’t need me to come in all sassy shouting about how the customer really does pay your salary – I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, right?!

So why is it then, that retail brands continue to offer uninspiring, lazy, bland customer experiences?

Especially in this modern day where the customer can buy anything, anywhere with that little computer in their pockets. You know?

Customer Experience matters more than ever before and I’m so happy you are here, right now reading this blog in 2023. I’m over the moon excited to walk you through what I consider some of the fundamentals in retail today and more importantly, how you can go about making the necessary changes that actually move the needle in your business!

So, if you are working in retail or a retail support function. Stick around friends!

Let’s get into this!

You might already understand the importance of delivering a great customer experience.

But it can be a challenge to ensure that your store teams are delivering the ideal service model…unless you creep on the CCTV and hire spies.

Which by the way, I do not recommend at all.

As a professional retail consultant, I provide brands with the strategies and tools you need to create a customer experience that is beneficial to both customers and store teams.

Let me tell you, I worked with a brand about 2 years ago (not dishing on this one because well…we had a disagreement and I didn't accept the assignment). The brand asked me to create a customer service program where I would specifically prescribe all of the narrative. As in, what to say, when to say it, what sentences should you say at the fitting rooms, how do we say goodbye etc etc.

It was a really tight brief with little room for any team member to add any of their own personality. Crazy huh?

Now, can you imagine someone literally telling you how to run your meetings? What to say at the introduction, what interventions you should be doing, what words to use if someone has a question…it’s nuts isn’t it? You wouldn’t be up for that?

So why on earth would we ever EVER ask our retail teams to be so incredibly copy/paste with service?

It. Doesn’t. Work.

This is why it is very important to gather as much information from the store teams as possible before you redesign a service strategy. If they are onboard and have been a part of the change…guess what? They will own it and make it a success!

My approach to customer experience design is direct, loads of fun, high energy and results-driven, making sure that your brand can truly care and deliver world class service to your customers (via an engaged, excited retail team)!

Retail Leaders, are you ready to take your business to the next level? If you haven't already, it's time to embrace the new age of retail and the need for excellent customer experiences.

In today's digital world, customers expect more from their shopping experience - from the convenience of online shopping to the personalised, engaging touch of a physical store.

Remember, the customer has chosen to visit your physical locations and you know that today people are so time-poor. So when a customer votes to walk into your store, well, that is a huge win! They are highly likely to buy.

Research shows that 65% of customers have already browsed your products online! And now is the time for your retail team to engage and convert!

The key to success with customer experience is to create an environment that allows or better still, encourages your retail teams to have time for a conversation.

That’s right!

In order for your retail customer experience to be top of the pops your teams need to have extremely efficient operations, communications, store planning etc etc so they are free to engage with customers!

How many times in the last few weeks have you seen retail teams busy with ‘doing stuff’ such as processing stock, re-pricing articles, moving products, completing paperwork, checking through lists on the ipad…they are doing all the things EXCEPT serving the flipping customer!


The retail customer experience is the only way to convert more of your browsers into buyers and to attain customer loyalty.

One of my favourite phrases that I share with my clients is “dwell time is sell time” so when your teams welcome a customer, make them feel comfortable and have an uplifting conversation, well you’re already selling!

Your retail staff become so confident and empowered to essentially grab the customer attention and have them stay in the store longer than they may have initially anticipated!

This is a win!

It is the key factor that separates successful retailers from those that struggle.

By investing in a great retail customer experience, you will create a memorable time for your for your customers.


I will show you how to blend strategy (the curriculum) with emotions; because emotion is simply energy IN motion. It is the exchange of laughter, lightness, happiness and who doesn’t want to be around that?

It is attractive!

Look we’re not running tinder stores here, but if you know anything about marketing then you’ll know that attraction matters. This is not about looks or physicality by the way.