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Raise Your Standards to Raise Your Results

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The devil is in the detail

Retail is detail

You may be familiar with these terms

So why is it, time and time again we, as consumers are frequently subject to poor service and poor experience?


Shoddy, lazy standards

Lack of care, lack of passion, lack of understanding, lack of abundance of lack!

The sooner retailers raise core standards, the sooner results raise too.

Certain standards are required to thrive in any retail business; fast fashion, niche, luxury, clothing, footwear, jewellery, skincare. It does not matter which field.

These are the CORE fundamentals:

  1. Recognising the core role is to SERVE. Hello Customer SERVICE person

  2. Understanding that YOU (in-store) are the face and voice of the brand

The power and influence of store based retail teams is massive.

Teams can tap into this and convert more clients into paying consumers and long lasting brand fans by simply adopting these 2 standards above!

On the contrary they can demolish the opportunity. Loosing the business sales and slowly crushing the brand reputation.

We associate places with feelings.

Stay with me!

Your first favourite teacher; you remember them as fun/caring/inspirational. It's a good feeling!

Your favourite place to eat or go on holiday; you start to feel excited/inspired/enjoyment. Again, positive feelings.

Now think about a time where you experienced poor service.

Waiting times were too long, teams were too busy chattering to each other than serving customers. Maybe a product you wanted wasn't available but nothing else was offered. Perhaps you were ready to spend big but the sales person was distracted and not truly present with you. You felt frustrated/ignored/fed-up! This is a disaster!

We've all experienced poor standards. Poor service.

Would the result or outcome have been different with a better standard? Yes, of course.

Conversion would be higher

CRM would be stronger

Sales would be higher

Customer experience becomes memorable

Standards = Sales Opportunities

Standards of Service = Success across multiple pillars

Raising standards is the quickest way to increase results TODAY

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