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Leading with Heart

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

You've heard the phrase 'people won't remember what you did for the them, or what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel' ?

What will your legacy be?

I believe leading with heart is the most impactful way of connecting with people. To truly understand them and in turn, grow yourself. Life is about growth and if we stop, we are as good as dead.

Have you ever experienced being pushed back, your idea being rejected, told no or just made to feel unappreciated? It sucks doesn't it. But, we carry on, because well, what is the alternative?!

I have experienced it all; the leader who never sleeps (literally on the phone to me at 5am, no joke)! The leader who abdicates completely, the leader who loves to micromanage, the leader who is full of endless demands, the leader who teaches greatness, the leader who finds solace in ignorance, the leader who touches your heart - and it's this leader who has the most profound impact on your life.

So how do they do it? Who are they?

They read the room before engaging.

They observe.

They open conversations with you first.

They genuinely care about you.

They inject confidence into you.

They celebrate your successes.

They encourage you when you feel overwhelmed.

They never judge, even when you've dropped the ball.

They coach you through your hard times.

Quite simply, these leaders are the most memorable. If your leader has any of the above qualities, stick with them. Support them too. Even the best leaders need your backing and warmth too - the higher up the mountain we climb, the colder it gets.

To all the future leaders, the ones who want to climb the ladder and to have teams of their own - don't fall into the power trap. Showing authority does not come packaged as a box filled with orders, demands and creating a team led by fear. Besides hurting those people, you are harming your own development.

Leaders who have heart will also hold the hearts of those they lead.

Choose to lead with heart, with compassion; it makes you and the team stronger.

With love, Kayleigh x

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