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Enjoy your job more by implementing these 3 strategies!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Going to the same place of work day after day can get pretty tiring, dare I say it, tedious at times! The same time consuming commute, the awkward conversations before 9am when all you want is your coffee and to get set-up. I get it.

The weeks roll into months and before you know it, years have passed by!

So isn't it justice to yourself to get the most out of each day?

To enjoy your job, to feel a sense of achievement and contribution to your company?

You want to enjoy your time, right?

Enjoyment comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some employees take enjoyment from working with great structure, some appreciate creative flexibility, some enjoy working solo in the back of house whilst other enjoy the fast-paced activity in the lunchtime rush at the fitting rooms.

And this is where we start...identifying the moments of your own enjoyment.

Think about it.

At what points during your working day do you actually feel engaged and most happy?

Processing new product?

Serving customers?

Styling customers?

Visual Merchandising?


Commercial analysis?

E-mail organising?


Tidying the back of house?

As a person in retail, you will be tasked a great deal, so you want to really tap into the 'best bits' and understand:

1. What parts of my daily job do I enjoy the most?

The next way to increase your enjoyment levels is to take the first answer and mentor someone in your team on that piece of work

You are literally tapping into the piece of work that you enjoy the most and TEACHING someone in your team to be better at that thing.

You are mentoring them on your best practice, you are showing them why it's quicker to do something this way, you are showing them what to look out for with those reports, you are talking them through the impact of this.

By teaching others, you grow.

Teach others on the things that you already have great passion about is even more rewarding; for both parties. Why? Your teaching comes from a place of enjoyment so you don't need to 'prepare' anything and the receiver learns quicker too.

The third way to get more enjoyment out of your job is to reflect at the end of each day around the things that went well.

It doesn't need to be a huge list, could be two or three moments of greatness.

I guarantee you, if you go searching for those good moments, you will find them!

You are training your nervous system, your mindset to enjoy these moments, you are shifting from simply 'doing a job' to intentionally being present in the moment and building your career.

Give it a go, I look forward to hearing about your experience.

Final tip; do these three things as often as possible!

Every single shift if you can.

Habits take time, mindset shifts take time.

Stick with it, you'll grow faster in mind and in capabilities.

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