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Do You Want To Throw Your Boss Out Of The Nearest Window?!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

That feeling of infuriation rising up under your skin, you feel blood rushing to your face as you bite your tongue and press your lips holding back the things you want to say.

Your heart races faster when you're in their presence as you once again feel unheard, unappreciated and dismissed - even though you have a solution, even though you are trying your best to deliver!

At the end of the working day you are either in tears (I've seen this too many times) or you're in a downward spiral of never ending strife. Both of these impact how you communicate with your loved ones and impact your mood in the evenings/weekends. Not great.

You know that it cannot continue, but what is the solution?

Deep down, you know it.

It is time to resign, get the heck out of there and save yourself!

When a working relationship with a boss is broken - beyond repair, beyond conflict resolution and way passed mediation, it is the right time to depart with dignity in tact and save yourself!

Over 70% of employees leave a business because of poor relationships with their boss - they don't feel valued.

Many employers fail to actually do something about this and instead, accept the high rates of employee turnover - many brands will not take radical responsibility here because it will mean bringing into question the methods of management and challenging the leadership teams.

No-one is going to do that, are they?

Of course not!

Pushing the matter to HR will not do you any favours either - they are likely to side with the big boss here. I didn't these rules, it's 'just the way it is'.

Look, it is a sad fact but once a person is employed into a significant position of power and influence, for a long long time, they are untouchable.

When was the last time you heard of someone in the leadership team being performance managed? Or someone in the C-Suite going through an investigation regarding an employee grievance?

It just doesn't happen - this is business bollotics (thank you Sue H for this fabulous amalgamation)!

Yes, there will be the occasional mediation session together with HR but this often puts a plaster on the matter. The root cause is not identified, both parties leave with the same mindset. Within hours, the relationship moves back to where it was.


No-one changed, not really.

When under threat the body responds through the fight or flight mode.

For example, the party being accused of mismanagement will either fight for their survival and in doing so, chew the other one up into small pieces making themselves look stronger OR they walk out, leave - proclaiming they don't have time for this low level nonsense (yes, I've seen that happen too). WILD.

Ultimately, this is the human design.

We are deeply programmed to fight (or not) for our survival.

So ask yourself this - the next time you get that raging feeling of wanting to throw your boss out of the window, what are you going to do about it?

The action that follows is critical to your own self preservation.

Should you stay and fight - knowing that the success of change is highly unlikely

Or, should you take flight - knowing that you tried your best and leave with your head held high.

Deciding to leave a job is not something to take lightly, there are many variables to consider.

Your areas of expertise, the value and impact you bring to an organisation and your benefits package, are you above market average or below. Where would you like to be?

There are fundamental pieces of the puzzle to place together before making a significant work life change. Here is the list to prepare you for that next position:

  1. What is the next step in your career? Start with that aim in mind. When I work with my coaching clients we get very clear on the goal first. This saves a tonne of time!

  2. Start to lay the foundations with getting your CV updated and making sure that it truly sells the very best parts of you. Hiring Managers are inundated with wooden, job description like CV's that all sound the same - how do you stand out?

  3. Networking and making use of LinkedIN to search for people in your desired industry, ideal roles and getting connected with those decision makers

  4. Optimising your LinkedIN profile, so that when you do start applying, the hiring Manager or HR team can get a very clear idea of you. One person is hired every 3 minutes through LinkedIN - get yourself set up for success there, you could be the next!

What I do know, from experience is this - staying around in a business relationship that is shattered beyond repair is helping no-one.

Accept it for what it is, take it as a learning curve and move on, move forward into a happier and more fulfilling work life.

Around a third of our lives are spent at work, let that sink in for a moment. That is a huge chunk of life! Don't you want to work with people who add to your life? Work with managers and leaders that make you feel valued and encourage you to grow?

Of course you do, and it CAN be achieved. There are tons of great bosses out there!

When you've decided not to throw your boss out of the window and instead decide to break free to explore different opportunities, be sure to visit our CV help to set yourself up for success.

Eight out of ten clients go on to secure interviews within 3 weeks of working with us and more than 60% secure a salary increase of 15% or more.

Here at The International Retail Academy, we help job seekers stand out, be noticed and hired much faster than going it alone. In a sea of sameness, we make you the shark!

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