Retail Store & Team Consulting

Mind the gap!

Is one store dragging down the area? Is one area dragging down the region?

Let's reveal the gaps and get to work on resolving them with our retail consulting!

Retail Consulting firms predominantly involve many rounds of meetings which lead to discovering extortionately high daily rates and a partnership that mostly benefits the consultant (not the client)! I've seen first hand how retail consulting works and it angers me to have seen impressive lip service; stating obvious factors that people inside the business could have identified!

It is time to put an end to this approach and make way for a new style of retail consulting.

This is where The International Retail Academy comes in. This is where your no BS (but respectful) partner, Kayleigh comes in.

Kayleigh will uncover, prescribe and coach on the solutions to your retail dilemma. What some retail consulting firms will achieve in 6 months, we will achieve in 6 weeks; sometimes faster!

Typically the success of a store or region is down to 2 things. People or processes. We all know this and you certainly don't need a retail consultant to be on your payroll to understand that.

However, what you need to know is that Kayleigh has worked in, and seen it all, first-hand.

Would you rather work with a retail consultant who has walked the path inside of retail across a spectrum of roles in several countries or with a firm who have been in business for years but haven't been in retail for years..?

You see, the prescription requires knowledge of current affairs, knowledge of the real-world; and it's hard to get that when all you do is walk around in a stuffy suit all day and only go to a retail store for a brief period of time.

This approach will not get you results as fast as you need.

Our retail consulting services are to the point, succinct and driven out of sheer passion to raise the industry higher. Kayleigh will work with you as an extension of your business because the Academy's mission is to retain and grow retail.

Retail consulting is for you if

  • You want a store or a specific area to achieve better KPI's

  • You want them to achieve results you know they have done in the past!

  • You need the team to pick up the pace and standards with operations

  • Operating profit is in decline but closing the site(s) is not ideal

  • Team turnover is unusually high

  • Problems come out of that store 


Your own time is stretched and limited

You certainly don't have the bandwidth or resources within your team

You've tried a few things, but a short while later, the same issues come up

This is where our retail consulting services come in

As a heart-centred, people person I am able to quickly get to the truth of the matter in a caring yet direct way. Once I uncover what is going on with the leadership, with the team, I can get to work on the resolution. 

I require access all areas. In order for this partnership to yield the best outcomes, openness is required.

I do not apply plasters to the things that are going wrong - I apply surgery!

If you'd like something more fluffy, please employ a consultant who will tell you everything you'd like to hear; I will tell you what you need to hear - because this is the best kind of service.

You teams will be observed, I'll ask questions, I'll find out what motivates them and what causes them to work against policy or continually fail to meet your business standards.

I will unravel them at a deep-level to extract the core issue. Our retail consulting is like detective work!

Most firms will spot on the surface details; but we uncover the underlaying details.

Where most consultants strive to train and resolve, I have actually lived and seen it all, from all perspectives of the retail industry.

This is why my methods and techniques work

You might be thinking, what on earth is this technique?

Imagine you've worked with a consultant before. Maybe you have!

You've invested alot of money only to be told you need to initiate XYZ which could be a customer service programme or a new set of business routines or you need to change the leader. Then the consultant takes the fee and leaves you to execute the rest.

The process drops off and the same issues arise again.

The International Retail Academy was born out of passion to retain and inspire talent in YOUR business.

We understand that the root cause of any business issue is mostly down to the belief systems, mindset and motivations of the leaders.

This is why the majority of my time is spent with your leadership team. 

What to expect in this consulting container


Deep-dive into team leadership. Who is doing what, what do they enjoy, what are their pain-points. I dig deep to find out why they are struggling/failing/not complying/etc

Detailed assessment of store environment versus local demographic.

Everything from the music to the mirror placement.

The entrance zone to the fitting rooms.

The daily team briefs to the end of shift routine. 

I will assess how your teams are set-up for success at the start of each shift.

How often are they being updated or coached or trained.

Where are the gaps!

I will find the gaps and get to work on filling them!


The Process in Accelerating your Retail Results

You enter into a 1 month retail consulting acceleration container and I will loop back with you 2 weeks afterwards to support the progress being made and discuss any retainer needs you may have.

Here are the parts in essence:

Part 1:
Visit store/area as a customer

Part 2:
Live Coaching 

Part 3:
Actions & Commitments

Pink Background@300x-8

Not only does Kayleigh possess a wealth of retail experience with knowledge of the many roles that exist across the retail industry, she is also that 'one of a kind' person who can almost instantly identify your strengths / USP and outline a clear plan for you to showcase your talents whilst simultaneously giving you a huge injection of self belief and energy.

I am absolutely positive that my latest role was achieved as a result of significant input from Kayleigh.

Paul H

Global Business Strategy 

What others say...

Part 1 & 2 will be carried out face-to-face, in the physical retail space(s). Part 3 can be carried out in-person or remote as this requires full attention and full participation. No distractions. 


As the month closes, I send your bespoke journey with key highlights and detailed insights for you to reflect on and look back over, because learning never stops. This is a video uploaded to your private channel (you can give access to key stakeholders) and a document outlining key points.

I will not provide you with an extensive list of never ending things you need to implement!

I will have done the heavy lifting in the 1 month container - the leadership will improve; team experience and team competencies starting with them. I work with them.


Your leadership mindset will be challenged; confidence and competence will grow.


You will gain ultimate clarity and be armed for success.


We are not generalists, we are specialists, in all things retail and people.

Beyond the Process

I will check-in with you/your teams 2 weeks later.

You will have the option of retaining me and my methods in that store/area.

Coaching retainers are highly recommended for at least a further 2 months - especially if the team/store require ongoing mindset and competency support.

For full transparency, my day rate is £550, including VAT.

You've heard it takes 90 days to form a habit? It depends on where your people are right now.

Some teams will need more time than others.

I will host check-ins with your teams throughout the retained days, and depending on the acceleration work I will tailor the method for the retainer. This could be me providing engaging team activities for the leaders to run, it could be creating daily motivational talks, it could also be stretching your leadership on standard implementations and operational excellence.

The retainer could be working shoulder to shoulder with your store every Monday for 3 months, or it could be me working exclusively with your leadership team at your office 2 days a month. It really is a bespoke experience flexible to your needs.

Ultimately, I partner with you, as an extension of your business mission.

I dial into this specifically and enable your store/area/teams to align fast and with purpose, passion and above all, the powerful belief and confidence to actually execute and grow the business! 

"I had previously learnt that management was all about tasking and trying to trying to reach targets.

I was in a cycle of trying and not really getting anywhere.

Kayleigh came as fresh eyes and so enthusiastic about helping me to unlock my potential and discover the gaps that I had.

We looked at my leadership style and then got to work together. I started to do uncomfortable things - which actually became really enjoyable as I could see my team really enjoying my leadership more. This boosted my confidence.


The whole vibe of the store improved, so did the customer experience and sales. My mindset is definitely in a state of growth now.

What others say...

Ahmad N

Store Manager

To Summarise

Not your standard consultant! If you want an egotistical, jargon hothead, who seems to know it all but cannot influence any change or gain the commitments required from store teams, then I can recommend a few people!

If however, you want someone who 'gets people' more specifically, Millennials and Gen Z, someone grounded but extremely proven in retail leadership and someone who actually cares about your results, then look no further. Hit the BUY NOW button and lets get the dates in the calendar.

The 1 month acceleration includes:

  • Part 1: In-depth visit as a customer. I will shop all areas of the store, try-on products, enquire with several team members. I will do the same later that day to capture a morning experience and afternoon experience. This information is captured and forms the segway into building out your specific needs at that location/area. I record a detailed video of my experience, which you can share internally with the people who need to know the truth of the matter. The stakeholders who will take radical action in supporting that location. I create a kick-off document with core areas to consult and coach on.

  • Part 2: In-depth visit as your retail consultant, deep-diving into all core pillars of the store with a core focus on people. This is carried out over 3 consecutive days, it can be extended if you want. During this time, I'd ask for access all areas; back of house, communication boards, daily routines. I need this to really get under the skin of the challenges and more importantly, extract from the management their perspectives and feelings about progress

  • Part 3: Final session, in-depth mindset shifts and competence creation through coaching either in-person or remote over private Zoom calls. Depending on the needs of your store/area, this could be a workshop format or mini-series of daily mindset coaching during the final 7-10 days

  • 2 weeks later, I hold 1:1 surgery sessions over Zoom and send you video and documented feedback to either close the container or move toward the retained consulting for a further 2 months

  • You will have access to me through phone or email throughout the acceleration container! I want to work in collaboration with you BUT you wouldn't be here if you didn't need the service - I am your provider, your partner, and I'm looking forward to supporting you in achieving greater things in your retail stores!

1 Month Acceleration Investment: £4,997 plus VAT

If you would like to discuss something more bespoke or have me present in your stores more often, I can tailor a retail coaching package for you.

What are you waiting for? Let's do this and move forward!