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Below are some businesses where our clients have secured fantastic roles!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Are you tired of feeling:

Little to almost no work-life balance - because you're in constant turmoil to prove yourself ?

Nervous to navigate internal corporate bolloticks but you know you have to in order to climb the ladder and reach your goals?

Unsure of how to manage upwards and be heard in a sea of executives and taken seriously in a timeframe that meets your needs?
Unclear on how to close the gap to your next promotion, often thinking to yourself "I want to progress my career but I always get overlooked"?

If you find yourself agreeing to these situations, let me help you. Firstly, it's not your fault.
Maybe you spent years in education and spent a small fortune setting yourself up for success.


Then BOOM you walk into the workplace ill-prepared for the reality of corporate life.


Suddenly, the reality kicks-in and you start to doubt the whole thing!


Worse yet, you see colleagues around you progressing with ease and you're working your butt off for no recognition and few rewards. Ufff, it sucks!


There is a MAJOR GAP that is never addressed. 

This gap cripples your career progression and will always hold you back until you decide and commit to taking control.

Studies have shown that performance only accounts for 10% effort when it comes to building your career and landing promotions.

The other 90%?


Well, that is all about YOU.


Your personal brand, your energy, communication, exposure and willingness to be proactive. My friend, do you really believe that I became a country Manager at 22 years old because I was so wise and had all the answers around business strategy?

Absolutely not! I got to that role because I engaged my personality to become my personal reality.

Call it mindset, manifestation, future-mapping if you will.

It happened because I made it happen.

You can do this and more!

THAT is where I come in to help you become the person you desire to be - with my ultimate career game-changer.

Discover your perfect career building bundle:

Interview Coaching

Any industry

1:1 Zoom calls

2 Hours (split over 2 sessions)

Nail the INTRO talk 

Exude confidence 

Storytelling to sell yourself




CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn

Any industry

Bespoke written CV

Optimised for ATS

Cover Letter

LinkedIn Profile

Networking support

5 day turnaround



Open to all career levels. Fast track your career confidence and success. More impact. More income.

  • Bespoke written CV, optimised for ATS

  • Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Profile & Network Introductions

  • x1 Interview Coaching Session, hosted on Zoom

  • x1 Breakthrough Coaching Session, hosted on Zoom

  • Job Search Support

  • Salary negotiation support 

  • IMPACT coaching to become 'the one to watch' (hello promotions and pay rises). These are bi-weekly hosted over Zoom


You become the leader you desire to be. We have at least 4 hours of 1:1 coaching time together along with your professional bespoke documents to last you a lifetime. LET'S DO THIS!


I'm Kayleigh, the most energetic person you'll (probably) ever meet!

I empower ambitious professionals, like you through 15+ years of international experiences so that YOU can achieve your career goals faster than trying to figure it all out by yourself!

I achieved Country Manager status at just 23 years old, went on to manage a group of high-performing Middle Eastern men aged 28 and enjoyed 8 promotions inside of 10 years.


A 6 figure earner by age 32, given presentations to groups of 400+ people always aiming to serve the end-user.

I have gained significant learnings in all facets of leadership and management across more than 15 countries. I have worked and lived in London, Manchester, Barcelona, Kuwait, Amsterdam and have worked with people in South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Qatar, Germany, Norway, Ireland, France, Dubai and more.

My knowledge is transversal and my method can be applied to YOUR career.

I completely empathise with your situation, as I have likely walked in your shoes.

It feels like not so long ago that I doubted myself before speaking up or shrank myself in a room filled with people who were 'more experienced than me' it took habits and disciplines of the mind to unlock my fullest empowered self. I continue to learn, hire coaches and work on myself daily to serve my clients in the best possible ways. 

My first-hand experience helps professionals like you to show up, be seen and reach your fullest potential. I love empowering you to take full control of your journey through strategic and powerful practices to stand out from the sea of sameness! Yes, I co-create with you powerful practices to start mapping your future. Just as I did and continue to do.

Landing your dream role has never been more complicated. it seems!

People will have you wondering if your CV is optimised enough, are you wearing the best outfit, do you have the best examples, are you ready to be grilled at the interview and so on.

What no-body will tell you is this:

The only gap between where you are now and where you want to be is a clear vision coupled with consistent, disciplined actions.

These, I will help you master!

Keyboard and Mouse

Retail Business Growth Manager. DE

Within a month I secured 3 interviews and had 2 job offers! Kayleigh not only provides incredible services, but she works on your mindset this made me believe in myself and negotiate a far better package. 


Learning & Development Executive. NL

I cannot recommend Kayleigh's services enough. I was moving from the UK to The Netherlands, to say I needed support was an understatement. I was supported throughout the whole process and only had to apply for one role! Kayleigh is friendly, she put me at ease and gives you confidence to succeed

UPDATE: A year later, through continued coaching with Kayleigh I have been promoted into my dream role. Hire Kayleigh today. You will not regret it!

woman 9.webp

HR Manager. UK/IRE

My gut feeling was to work with Kayleigh - she gave me a huge boost and even helped me build a presentation which I delivered to the C-Suite in my final interview. I start my new role next month which is a significant step up in my  career and paygrade.


Retail and More!

  • Director of all roles

  • Head of all roles

  • General Manager

  • All Merchandising

  • All Marketing

  • All Visual Merchandising

  • All Human Resources

  • All Operations

  • All Finance

  • All Field based

  • All Store based

  • Hospitality

  • Administration

  • Leisure

  • Social Care

  • Sales & Business Development

  • Graduates

  • Entertainment

  • Media

Your Career Coaching is bespoke and perfectly tailored to you. We bring out your personality on paper to actually connect with the reader - so you get the interview. At interview, you will have exact strategies to connect & convert.

If you choose the ultimate career gamechanger bundle, then you also have at least 4 hours of 1:1 coaching time with Kayleigh to unlock limitations, learn tried and tested methods to impress the interviewer and of course, unleash your confidence and become the person you desire to be. 

Case Study, Fabian M

I was very impressed with Kayleigh's approach since the beginning I was feeling more than 'just a client' which made a huge difference. I must point out her vast experience, you can tell she's one of the very best in her path! I can say that Kayleigh will always go that extra mile in order to help you achieve your goals. Highly recommend her services THEY ARE WORTH IT! Kayleigh was a part of my new achievement and I'm very thankful!


Why our Career Coaching will serve you

You want to be invited to more interviews and you want to land your next role in a timeframe that suits your needs.

You desire a new position, you want to secure that next level salary.

You are ready to be seen and hired!

Kayleigh takes the time to understand your business background and picks out personality traits to weave this into the narrative, creating an incredible strong visualisation of how you work and who you are. 

We build up your CV from the ground, a blank page. We never use generic statements and we ensure that every word counts.

Our professional CV service will help you on your way much faster than going it alone.

My proven framework and method has served hundreds of clients from 15+ countries from graduate level to C-Suite Executives. Many of which have become superb friends of mine, whom I value massively. 

We are continually rated 5 stars on Google and enjoy serving a wide spectrum of retail professionals, including all store teams, field teams and corporate support functions such as Merchandising, HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance and more.

Hiring someone to do the heavy lifting who has been on both sides of the fence - as a recruiter and a candidate will yield you the best outcome. Join our community of career gamechangers today and let's move you towards your dream role (yes, they do exist)!

Why do we do this work?

Kayleigh is on a mission to bridge the unemployment gaps and get people into jobs they LOVE!

Our big vision is to build a foundation that helps carers/parents following a crisis to get back into work (crisis following from divorce, escaping domestic violence, bereavement, asylum etc). 

The children of those families deserve a stable, safe and cheerful home where Parents feel purposeful and happy again.

In the meantime, 5% of every sale is gifted to The Human Values Foundation in the UK.

More details can be found on the homepage.

Invest in your Career

​You are already successful and building a strong career path, you may want to pivot into a new field and you know you need professional help and guidance with getting closer to your ambitions.

You are probably confident to some extent and know how to self manage whilst focusing on business objectives - this is where you tend to create the most value and impact.


Also you are a great human who can positively influence the work culture - we add this 'secret spice' into your approach - because people hire people that they want to work with!

Remember, your personality creates your personal reality and I help you to lean into your greatest assets to fully step into your potential - so that you create more impact and enjoy more income!

A compelling, insightful CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile written by Kayleigh is a smart investment for your future.

8/10 clients secure interviews within 3 weeks and average at a 15% salary increase. You could be the next!

With our professional Career Coaching you are well on the way to not only securing your dream role but having the mindset of an unstoppable and limiltess leader.​

Redundant To Dream Role

For the ultimate fast track career success

Join the Ultimate Career Gamechanger community where every single person secures their ideal role, with a superb salary and absolute clarity on their own mindset and personal brand so that they establish authority and likability within the first 30 days of employment. Why is this important?

Well, if you're anything like me I know you're already thinking about the next steps - the next promotion, the next move.

But first, we have to influence and impact in our current role.


Truly set yourself up from the start as 'the one to watch' stick to my method and habits and you too will be enjoying multiple promotions and pay rises faster than ever before all whilst enjoying the journey. (Yes, you really can have it all).

I recently moved to the Netherlands and I was thinking about my long-term career plan. I approached Kayleigh and the International Retail Academy for the "Ultimate Career Game Changer" bundle to pump up my CV, Cover letter, LinkedIn profile and to prepare in the best way possible to be able to get my dream job.
Kayleigh has been an amazing mentor through this journey, by not only over delivering to the above but as well her constant support. She is extremely professional and friendly and she is there to help you achieve your professional goals.
I cannot even express how much Kayleigh has changed my life and helped me, for me the Game Changer was a Life Changer because I finally understood what my dream job is and with her help I can get it. I am honoured and very happy to work with her and will recommend her services to any professional out there seeking a great mentor.

- Marlen, Business Development


We Only Have One Chance