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Career Coaching

Succeed in getting your next role in Retail with our Career Coaching Service!

Carving out your career path is not easy, and often we fall from one role into the next and the next and beyond.

Having a well-matched career coach will help you take intentional action and get you to that next point faster.

Career Coaching, why would you benefit?

You want to level-up your career?

You want to pivot and move into a different sector?

You want to change roles but not sure how to get there?

You want to progress faster?

You want to gain more practical skills?

You want to learn from someone who has walked the path you want?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, I am delighted to help you reach your future goals

The Process

You enter into a 1 month career coaching container.

Inside this, we will have 3 laser focused, 1:1 sessions, each completely focused on you:

Session 1:




Getting Focused

Session 2:




Getting Organised

Session 3:




Getting Results

We build your career path as we move through the sessions.


I give you self-paced tasks so you can work on these, whenever is good for you.


I support you on building connections and being in the mind-space of where you are going.


As the month closes, I send your bespoke journey with key highlights and detailed insights for you to reflect on and look back over, because learning never stops.


Your mindset will be challenged and your confidence will grow.


You will gain clarity and be armed for success.


We are not generalists, we are specialists, in all things retail and people.

Beyond the Process

Once your interview is arranged, get back in touch with us, part of your package includes a 1:1 interview impact session, which is entirely tailored to the role you are going after


I will support, guide and coach you through it all.

"I was looking for career advice and coaching and Kayleigh took time to understand my personality and skills.

We had phone meetings and loads and loads of email exchange and through all this communication she managed to put an order in my ideas and a clear career plan.

Kayleigh gave me a great boost of energy and confidence.

Totally recommend"

What others say...

Kyriaki D

Head of Visual Merchandising

To Summarise

x3 1:1 coaching sessions, each lasting a minimum of 1 hour

Bespoke career path plan; presented to you as the month closes

1:1 whatsapp support, beyond the container

Practical self-paced tasks, aligned to your specific goals

CV coaching

Cover Letter coaching

Interview Impact session

Total Cost: £795 | 845€

Saying YES to your development is incredibly empowering and you're already on a great trajectory by exploring this!


Invest in YOU and YOUR future!